Customer Strategy

Customer strategy is an approach to business strategy. A way of thinking and a set of tools to get the customer perspective into business and technology processes — which require other customer tools than those used for brand and marketing.


The tools:

Customer strategy creates a new suite of tools to help the organization align, involve and collaborate with the customer — or capture the customer in a new form, language or process that enables a new generation of understanding and value creation for the organization.

Digital customer insight / digital design thinking

Digital Design Thinking takes the best of Design Thinking — its customer, data and experience mindset — and employs this in a digital environment — at scale. Creating several new benefits to the Design Thinking methodology. This is the future of customer insight — integrated, immediate, continuous and at scale.


lean customer insight

In rapid moving short term projects, like deign sprints, the customer insight might be applied too little, too late and with too many issues. Lean Custom Insight tries to solve these problems


customer strategy >< business strategy

The customer as a tool for business, means we need to find the language and the content that works in a business setting

customer assessment

What are the important questions to ask your organization when it comes to the customer, take our assessment in order to find where the company is served and where it needs to continue its hard worked (at the moment we have just published the questions).



Customer Due Diligence is an investigation into an organization’s customers, market potential and risks. Using specialized tools to analyze and map the customer’s situation and their motivation for purchase, investment or engagement.

Customer journey Nxt. Gen.

The customer journey can be both a devious ploy to trap the organization in its current status quo — and an opportunity to increase operational and customer excellence. What opportunities are technologies enabling and how can we update the customer journey to be an essential part of every organizations tool box?